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Aloha fine Amigo's

So - I'm a newby here. But not a newby to being evil hehe.

Anyway - I need your help! I live in an apartment building, and one of our obnoxious neighbors is always parking in our parking spot, and its a pain, cause then we gotta park farther away and its a big annoying ordeal. It was ok the first time, but its been months now - and its annoying.
Any idea's for vengence????
Also - what do you suggest one does if someone (or 2 people in particular) are really buggin me on live journal? Any things I can do, I tried guessing passwords, but it didn't work. Thanks!

My Favorite Prank:
so - I used to work at this fruit stand on the Jersey Shore, at the end of the day, we'ed throw out all the rotten fruit and go home. My best friend worked their with me and we decided we had a better use for the fruit than a trash can. Living at teh shore year round really makes you hate the summer traffic/bennies/clubbers and MTV at Seaside. We were driving the strip in Seaside and saw a group of about - oh, maybe 10 people walking to a club. All dressed up in their hoe-bag and man-skank wear. We started with tomatoes, then an eggplant that ricoshayed (sp) off the street and splashed them all, thena banana right to the face of one of them, spraying the rest of them on impact. That was by far the best time we ever had throwing fruit. The best part was, we came back, after doign the rest of the island we returned to Seaside and with pure dumb luck found the same group of people (in new clothes) walking to the clubs again! Ack! It was too easy, we only had tomatoes left, but we threw them all - on of the guys picked up on of the tomatoes and tried throwing it back and chasing the car but it didn't work. Ahhh - good times, good times.
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