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Friday, February 20th, 2004
3:50 pm

oh i like this. i like this a lot. muahahaha..
my name is lindsey and i am an evil bastard.

now, can someone tell me how to hack into an unsuspecting morons journal?

current mood: eeeeeevil.

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Wednesday, November 6th, 2002
6:32 am - where'd everybody go?

it is i, djenigma, your evil maintainer... i know you have all been busy plotting world domination and everything, but don't forget to share your plans with the group, eh? two evil heads are better than one.. or something...

current mood: evil

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Tuesday, August 20th, 2002
2:28 pm - Aloha fine Amigo's
tiffnabbie So - I'm a newby here. But not a newby to being evil hehe.

Anyway - I need your help! I live in an apartment building, and one of our obnoxious neighbors is always parking in our parking spot, and its a pain, cause then we gotta park farther away and its a big annoying ordeal. It was ok the first time, but its been months now - and its annoying.
Any idea's for vengence????
Also - what do you suggest one does if someone (or 2 people in particular) are really buggin me on live journal? Any things I can do, I tried guessing passwords, but it didn't work. Thanks!

My Favorite Prank:
-This is a funny story -Collapse )

current mood: anxious

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Friday, June 14th, 2002
1:08 pm - wanna get someone fired today?

find someone at work who you can't stand (preferably someone who likes kittens), and send them this link. make sure they have their sound turned up loud when they click on it. ;)

disclaimer: if you are at work, it's probably best not to click this link. you've been warned.

current mood: amused

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Thursday, June 13th, 2002
2:13 pm

for the ultimate in evil, you gotta check this out... hehehehe.

current mood: evil

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6:34 pm

God i wish i could lash out at some people right now.. i'm in the mood for a good verbal fite... and mom sucks at verbal fights, cos the second i open my mouth she cries.. i'm not THAT bad *hehe*

current mood: busy

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Wednesday, June 12th, 2002
5:28 pm

this was in community_promo. pay attention to the comments, if you will.

current mood: irritated

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3:33 am - Alright, fellow evil bastards

Only a phychotic freak would ask for the opinions of a buncha evil bastards...
...but since I am the freak...

First of all, I re-did my entire LJ, so everyone has to go look and tell me what they think. 's the first time I've tried their over rides.
Secondly, if you all have IE and know how to minimize a popup... my site just got revamped, want opinions on that too! :P
Takes a bit to load, the first time especially.

That's it for now, so I leave for the time with a parting question:
Why does macaroni stick to other macaroni when you get it wet? Ah, one of the universe's greatest mysteries, right there :P.

current mood: tired

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Monday, June 10th, 2002
2:19 pm

today's food for thought:

what are some good ways to torture and exact revenge upon someone who owes you a large sum of money?

current mood: annoyed

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12:54 am - Let the confusion begin.

Hello all, The Freak (I, for those who are confused :P) is here- you may all rejoice!
Mmmm... chicken...
Geh, I'm known for random comments. I can talk my way out of any situation...
The one exception in my life was once when a group of us were sitting outside the counseling office during a mandatory assembly, drinking soda in a no-food area, playing poker loudly in front of the school staff, running around on wheels… in the rival school’s colors. But that’s a different story.
So um, yeah.
I'm generally refered to as a Bitch, a Bastard, and a Freak.
I think I prefere Freak- because I AM The Freak On Wheels...
But it's a close tie between them anyway.
So that's my intro, and remember kids:
Don't stand on the SALAD!

current mood: contemplative

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11:18 am - hellloo

Define bitch : classy vocabulary and does not hesitate to use it to hurt, payout, or burn anyone.
I would have originally named my journal as 'bitch' but it was taken.. shit eh?
i'm just saying hi... 'hi!!!' i have absolutely no reason for joining this community... cept i was looking for cool people.. and there weren't any other appealing communities... none of u will really get to know me unelss u have access to read my journal *and all its bitchy horrid friends entries*... But i think u havea fair drift.. i'm a LIL screweed up .. i have too many losers for friends.. (i love 99% of them tho).

current mood: devious

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Friday, June 7th, 2002
2:30 pm - Hello...

Well, I'm not an evil bastard, but I am an evil bitch. Does that count? Ah fuck it, close enough.

current mood: bitchy

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12:22 pm

greetings, earthlings. my name is eve and i'm an alc- um.. i'm a trouble-maker. not so much evil, as just having nothing else to do. i specialize in childish pranks and petty revenge. also, i have a large repertoire of smart-ass oneliners. and i LOVE arguing. do not tangle with me, for i'm no bastard, i'm an all-out bitch.

oh yeah, almost forgot. i'm god.

current mood: jubilant

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7:41 am - if i smack it, will it jiggle?

my hatred, anger, and rage salutes you.

current mood: lethargic

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5:54 am - community icon

if anyone has any good suggestions for a community icon, post it in a comment to this post. i'm feeling completely uncreative at the moment.

of course that could be the fact that it's 6 am and i've yet to go to bed...

current mood: sleepy

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5:38 am - mwahahaha.

the first entry. welcome, fellow evil bastards. post often, and post well, and ye shall be rewarded. or something like that.

current mood: mischievous

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